Red Rock Racers

A change for the Red Rock Racers

The group was started 10 years ago because there were simply no options for track days and autocrosses on the Western Slope. We started with autocrosses, buying timing gear, inheriting a bunch of cones and obtaining the all-important insurance.

We also pioneered cars running on the kart track. We started renting the track to run events, but this became prohibitively expensive when the track raised their rates so we began to share the track with the karts. At this point, the primary purpose of the club was to provide the insurance coverage needed to allow cars to run on the track.

A year or two ago, the track changed their insurance to cover cars. The main reason for the club disappeared at that point, and it simply became the organizing entity for regularly scheduled meetups at the track, as well as collecting the money to run the cars and timing for the day.

So we're changing things up. Instead of having official dates for events, our Facebook group will serve as a forum for car enthusiasts to organize their own race days. Get some friends together, check with the track to ensure there isn't a kart race on, create a Facebook event, and head out for some fun.

The cost is $60 per car, although you'll have to provide your own timing unless a group pools their money for the $200 fee. If you do want timing, let the track know ahead of time. You'll have to work with the track owners to share time with karts, as you've seen us do so many times.

It's been a fun decade and we've created a really good group of people. Hopefully that will continue with this informal setup. A big thanks to everyone who's helped us get this far.

Keith Tanner

Red Rock Racers Facebook group